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Welcome to Beachshadow Welcome to Beachshadow

Beachshadow is a UPF+50 shade for use on the beach, in the garden or at any outdoor event. It is lightweight, portable and compact yet folds out to give 4 m² of guaranteed sun protection using our unique fabric.

Click here to see some of the different configurations in which you can use the Beachshadow. Go to the Our Product tab to see further specifications of the Beachshadow.

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Beach Tent - Beach Tents
Beach tents are the ideal solution for protecting you against the Ultra Violet Rays (UVR) of the sun. Beachshadow have developed the ultimate beach tent offering UPF 50+ sun protection for you and your family. Beach tents are becoming the perfect method of keeping yourself in shade especially if the material has been tested to various internationally recognised standards, as is the case with Beachshadow. Beachshadow is also waterproof and offers a generous 4 square metres of UPF50+ sun protection whilst being portable, lightweight and very easy to assemble.

Beach Shelter - Beach Shelters - Beach Shade
If you are going abroad on your holidays, you will find Beachshadow is a perfect companion for you and your family, it packs away to easily fit into a standard suitcase. Beach shelters are not only ideal for protecting you against the harmful rays of the sun, but Beachshadow allows the breeze to flow through keeping you cool. The beach shade
provided by the Beachshadow will protect all the family and also comes with a windbreak.


Beachshadow provides the ultimate UPF 50+ sun shade protection for the beach, garden, camping or any outdoor event. It provides a generous 4 square meters of shade, is lightweight, portable, easy and quick to put up, and, for those passing tropical downpours, it is waterproof ! It comes with a windbreak and can be used in many configurations. For marketing it provides 4 square meters of advertising wherever it is used, for example, on the beach, at outdoors events or concerts. Please contact us to discuss any corporate advertising requirements you may have

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